In 2019 we have:
  • 3x Foundation
  • 5x Year One/Two
  • 4x Year Three/Four
  • 4x Year Five/Six
In Years Foundation to Two we average 20 students per class. Across our school we have a class average of 22.5 students per class.
Students undertake homework incrementally throughout their primary school journey at Miners Rest.  In the junior years students are largely encouraged to keep a home reader.  Working through the middle and upper years brings more responsibility and students are encouraged to undertake some homework tasks as required from their curriculum study area.
We have a bag bell for students to enter buildings and prepare for learning time at 8:45am. Formal classes begin at 9:00am School concludes at 3:20pm
    • End of term Student led conferences – Student Interim Report (SIR) to discuss
    • End of Term Two Reports
    • End of term Student led conferences – Student Interim Report (SIR) to discuss
    • End of Term Four Reports
School fees are broken down as per below:
  • Essential Education Items: $230.00
  • Voluntary Financial Contributions: $20.00
We educate students from Foundation in the You Can Do It program, with key traits being introduced and developed throughout their primary life.  Traits include:
  • Getting Along
  • Organisation
  • Confidence
  • Resilience; and
  • Persistence
In addition, students and families can access our school based Welfare Officer via an intake process. Students are provided a supportive, inclusive and restorative environment to develop within on a daily basis.
Beleza, Boltons & Crockers are our preferred school uniform providers – Both can be located in Ballarat CBD. Navy with sky blue are our predominant colours. Students wear school shoes or runners daily. We are a Sunsmart registered school who has a broad-brimmed hat to wear during Terms 1&4. Please refer to below images: