Teaching & learning

At Miners Rest Primary School we offer daily Literacy & Numeracy blocks of learning.  Producing literate and numerate students is our core business and we proudly share student learning on our display boards around the school.  Our School attains student results above State mean in all literacy and numeracy modes of the Victorian Curriculum.

Within our classrooms we integrate learning in key areas of study including sciences, civics & citizenship, history and geography.  Staff, display their term planning documents outside classrooms for parents to access and gain insight into the broad curriculum development at each year level.

We offer a Writer’s Festival, Spelling Bees, Maths Olympiad and many more academic extension activities for students to thrive.

Learning in the classrooms is supported through skill development in information technologies.  Students access laptops on a weekly basis, iPads in Years Foundation to Two weekly and a 1:1 iPad Program for Year Three to Six students, which provides a stimulating and modern teaching platform for students to extend their learning and skills in a progressive manner.  They access software programs such as; Mathletics; Study Ladder & Reading Eggs.

Specialist learning areas include Physical Education, Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Korean (Asian Studies) and Food Technology (Sustainability).  We are very proud of our rich and diverse curriculum we expose students to.  In addition, we have a school Library for students to access and utilise in a number of educational ways.

Bi-annually we hold a School Production, which extends over two evenings.  Our visual arts team enter students in competitions and displays within the Ballarat Region.  In the area of sport we offer Inter-School Sports for Year Five/Six students, school athletics sports, cross country, golf, football, futsal, netball, basketball and soccer at zone, regional and state level.  Students in Year Foundation to Two attend a Gymnastics program and from Years Foundation to Four we hold an Intensive 10week Swim Program along with Year Five/Six students completing an Open Water and resuscitation module of learning.

-Our Camps Program is also extensive:

– Year Two Sleepover at School

– Year Three, two-nights at Cave Hill Creek

– Year Four, two-nights in Queenscliff

– Year Five, four-nights at Norval, Grampians; and

– Year Six, four-nights in Canberra

– Optional Exchange Program to host in odd years or visit our Sister School (Sinmyeong Elementary) Busan, Sth Korea in even years

– Optional (nomination / selection process) Somers Camp for Year Five/Six every second year

– Optional Woorabinda Camp for Year Four/Five every opposite year

In regards to Welfare we follow the “You Can Do It” program from Kindergarten to Year Six.  Students are developmentally exposed to the key traits of Organisation, Getting Along, Persistence, Confidence and Resilience.  Sessions are tailored to student needs and continually built upon to implement in their classroom and yard behaviours.

We report twice in full written report mode, June and December.  Staff also provide individual feedback via a Student Interim Report in terms one and three to keep parents/carers abreast of their child’s progress.

We support the written format of reporting with term one and term three Student/Parent/Teacher Interviews.